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SFC Conference Round Up Pt. 4

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you might notice that the subject of this post doesn’t have a specific day attached to it. this is on purpose, cause i wanna switch gears for a second and talk about the really awesome ideas that bubbled up from the conference.

*** DJ Night! we need a damn party. we need one soooo bad…

*** T-Shirts! we need someone to put together an awesome t-shirt or two, or three. take the copyleft logo, or the creative commons logo, or whatever (the guy walking around with the “fuck copyright” shirt kinda made my day). we can use these as fund raiser tools, promotional awesomeness, etc.

*** we need some super-sweet posters to put up around campus. we need to do more to advertise our group and our events and the causes we support/despise. this will happen more as we get some more people to the meetings.

*** speaking of which: i know i picked a really crappy meeting time for the organization. i’m really sorry for that. after this week though, no more. we need a new meeting time where a lot of people can get there. i’ll filter more of this info through the facebook group and the mailing list as soon as i can.

*** We need people to read the local papers. madison is a big city an
d has a bunch of newspapers, free and otherwise. i know
we’re all really really busy and all, but keeping tabs on anything that pertains to the free culture cause, either for or against, we need to know about. we can write letters to the editor, op-ed pieces, petition local officials, anything to make our voice heard, and heard loudly.

*** Wikis Take Wisconsin! so, i was talking to one of the guys from the NYU free culture org, and he was telling me about wikis take manhattan, which they had helped organize. basically, it was a contest to see who in NYC could document the most things (adding pictures, making new pages, significantly editing/correcting existing pages) on wikipedia! the winner won dinner with jimmy wales, the founder of wikipedia. basically, i want to adapt this for students at the university of wisconsin, people of madison, possibly wisconsin as a whole. more on this later.

i’ll also write up more from the weekend in a day or so i have to finish up the first day (still!) and write up the unconference from sunday.


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October 14, 2008 at 10:00 pm

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