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the south central wisconsin library system is in the process of signing a contract that would see all of the libraries they serve transitioning from their proprietary ILS (integrated library system) to the open source Koha! the south central system will be the largest so far to implement the open source system, and they are using liblime as a go between to assist in the implementation and the migration of their records.

i for one am overjoyed by this news, and so should everyone in the middle part of the open source/library community venn diagram.

the idea of open source ils software hadn’t even occurred to me until i was sitting in the students for free culture unconference discussion pertaining to libraries. after doing a bit of digging and reading about Koha and Evergreen, i asked the librarians at the madison public library central branch (where i’m doing my library school practicum) and not only did they say that they had heard of it, but that they were in the process of transitioning to it!

there hasn’t been any press release that i know of, and no contracts have been signed as of the last time i discussed this with anyone, but everthing seems to be GO about it, and it should be installed and running sometime around 2010.


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October 30, 2008 at 7:40 pm

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