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students (and a Harvard Law Prof) defending students

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YES! this is the sort of thing that i’ve been wanting to happen to the RIAA p2p cease & desist brouhaha since the beginning.

“Professor Charles Nesson of Harvard Law (a founder of the prestigious Berkman Center for Internet & Society) has agreed to help Tenenbaum, and he has enlisted the help of students in his Fall 2008 course, ‘CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion.’ The group wants to do more than help Tenenbaum out of a tough spot; they want to challenge the underpinnings of the entire lawsuit campaign against the “born-digital generation.'”

there’s no problem with artists trying to get paid for their work and trying to control a certain amount of the ways it’s passed from person to person. the trouble is that in this present day and age, technology has enabled a completely new supply for the demand in regards to music and movies. new business models need to be drawn up, and are in fact being drawn up by some of the more savvy record labels, as well as music distributors. suing your customers and demanding ridiculous and exorbitant amounts of money is not going to be a functional aspect of this future business model, and in perpetuating these witch-hunts and hanging on for dear life to the old ways of buying and selling music and other media, the RIAA is doing a disservice to the record industry as a whole.

having said that, i’m gonna be keeping an eye on this trial, as will many others i would imagine.

“The ulterior purposes of [the RIAA] creating an urban legend so frightening to children using computers, and so frightening to parents and teachers of students using computers, that they will somehow reverse the tide of the digital future.”

seriously… i can’t wait to see the amazing results of this legal confrontation.


Written by toteschris

October 29, 2008 at 7:13 pm